Cant buy an incubator with money

I need help! I would like to buy an incubator in the shop with real money. When I select the incubator, only a loading screen appears and nothing happens. I can buy incubators with dollars and the VIP package with real money. I have an ios iphone 12 pro. Thanks for all you help!


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I’m sorry you are having trouble making purchases in your game, Maasta.

If you haven’t already, could you please reach out to our support team at with your support key so our team can better assist you?


I had the same problem. Bought a pack for money, but the game was crashing, and when I log in back (after so many tries because the log in issue 21/30), I didn’t get anything. I wrote to this email, nothing happened, didn’t get an aswer or somthing else. I don’t know what I can do now. Hopefuly get it for the next week.

Hello Good afternoon, I tell you that I have also suffered the same problem. I also made a purchase for a special incubator to level up, but the product was never activated, but the discount was made from my credit card. Now, I need an urgent solution to this problem, because if someone pays for a service, it should work and be available at. Time to buy it.

I had the same purchase issue 4 days ago and received a refund. However, the problem of sudden incapacity has not been solved yet, and the care item bundles and hard cash sale 22500 hard cash that I tried to purchase yesterday and today are in-game even though the purchase details were sent from google again. So nothing has been earned. As Ludia is a company, I think that financial problems should be solved with the highest priority, but it is difficult to understand that we have not even publicized the problem of not being able to purchase in the store yet.

Vásárolni próbáltam több különböző csomagot. Az összeget levonták, fizetés sikeres, de semmit sem kaptam. Az összeget visszatérítették, de ez nem oldja meg a problémát. :neutral_face: A support nem válaszolt.


Translated from Hungarian

I tried to buy several different packages. The amount was deducted, payment was successful, but I received nothing. The amount has been refunded, but this does not solve the problem. : neutral_face:
At the moment, I can’t buy anything I would need to grow. Support did not respond.

Unfortunately, our forums are currently only in English, we have gone ahead and translated your post using Google Translate. Please remember to include an English translation in the future.

I agree with sohamtheraver. It’s been past 5 days and all I receive is we will get back to you as soon as possible. Letting players know that purchases can’t be processed should be reported immediately and addressing other problems but NOT addressing payment issues is ridiculous! We understand if you post something on ludia but just not saying anything is just going to send more complaints and overwork your understaffed company. Resolved in 48 hours is average, over that time period is black company written all over it! Top needs to create less work for your employees and right now you’ll continue to get massive messages day by day if you don’t address it to the community.

Does anyone have this issue at the moment? I purchased the Australian Bundle 20mins before ot expires and the Parasautops or Challenger 2022 bundle in the next day. My card has been deducted but I haven’t received my purchases. I thought maybe because the transaction on the online receipt says “processing” but now it says “Completed”. I tried contacting support in-game, email, website and other platforms but I still haven’t got any response for more than 24hrs :pensive: it’s getting frustrating.

That’s what we are saying. I’ve been sitting here now 5 days with a “we will get back to you as soon as possible.” Since the new update. If you contact apple or (android: google) they will reimburse you within 48 hours. However, if you want what you paid for and don’t want the refund I would wait it out. However eventually they may just refund your money so I would just cancel through apple or google play whichever provider you use.

A few days ago I tried to buy the cash offer with an additional 50%. Which only resulted in a refund of my money after 3 days without receiving what was requested.

I have now tried to purchase a bundle that included a tiger emote along with the VIP membership.
And the same thing happened, I emailed support at the first time and didn’t get any response.

Any solution? Since it is quite frustrating to pay for something that will never reach you in the end.

same… am using android, buying chinese new year package with special lion emoticon… also got refunded about 5 days later… this is insane… they don’t want the customer to buy things… i wonder if the company still makes profit? coz it has been almost 2 weeks and they still cannot solve the 21/30 loading app problem (stuck) it still happens a lot

I didn’t have the 21/30 login screen issue until i tried to buy the package. I guess im going to wait for the refund and not gonna buy something until 1-2 months.

We need support for this problem, because it affect us and the game future.