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Can't buy gauntlet power-ups



I am unable to get more power-ups for the gauntlet.

Also, I keep getting an error that I can’t connect to the store:

And here

I tried using BlueStacks, with or without VPN, and my android device.
I’m physically in Finland, but tried also connecting via VPN through UK.


Hey Vedran_Brnjetic, could you please try some of the troubleshooting from our FAQ here on your android device:
Also, we recommend downloading the game through the official app store on your devices.
If you’re still having issues after trying those steps, contact our support team here at with your support key and our team could take a closer look. Thanks!

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Ok, thank you for the help, I got it working after reinstalling the game on BlueStacks. Apparently I got randomly logged out from the app-store on the virtual device, I re-logged in and now everything seems to be working.

Thanks for the pointer.

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I’m glad to hear that everything is working correctly again, @Vedran_Brnjetic.

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