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Cant buy roster space

I am currently at level 43 with 122 dragons. I haven’t been allowed or able to buy extra roster space for a little while now. Cant remember when the game stopped letting me buy extra space-maybe around 112 or 116. But the game does still give me a couple roster spots after finishing levels. My question is, is there a cap on dragons owned or is this some new bug?

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At level 50, the max is 130. If you join Flight Club you get additional 20 for a max of 150. Supposedly you keep the additional 20 if you quit Flight Club.

Thanks for feed back CaptWacky. If the max is 130 that is where I would be with 2 roster spots every other level til level 50. Not a bug then. So hey Ludia, cant we get some extra roster space? I’m a dragon hoarder, gotta catch 'em all.

All, all? I’m legitimately curious, 'cause that’s a big heap’a dragons :hushed: Are 1* included too?

Me keeps no 1stars or hatches them. But that does include about 7 sheep at the moment.

A clan mate of mine was under the impression we could buy roster space til infinity, implying maybe my roster was bugged.

Ok…I have a clan mate with like 9 million experience points that says he is capped at 162

Event dragons that you haven’t earned enough trust, the ones at the bottom of the roster, do not take up space in the roster. So your clan mate probably has a max roster of 150, then has 12 unearned event dragons listed at the bottom. The max roster size is shown at the very top, to the right of EDIT TEAM. This shows the current number of dragons in the roster, then the current max size.

I just reached lvl 50 and I’m a Flight Club member but my max space is 146. I think it’s a bug and have sent a ticket in. :tired_face:

It is a bug. But, there is a work-around.

First completely fill up all 146 spots. Then get exactly 4 eggs processing in Hatchery.

When they are ready since there are no available spots you will be prompted at that point to purchase 4 spots.

Thank you @CaptWacky. It worked. :grin:

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So is it normal for me to only have 122 spots at level 43? Or should I be able to buy up to 146?

As far as I’m aware the roster space limit is different for each lvl, so perhaps 122 is the limit at lvl 43.

Dragon roster increase happens every 3 levels.

So, since you are currently at level 43. You will get another increase at 44, then level 47, then finally level 50.

So, by level 50 your max should be 130. To increase the dragon roster to 150 you will need to purchase the Flight Club.

If I were you I would go ahead and get Flight Club since it will increase your roster now by 20. And make it easier to obtain Dreadfall Toothless.

Even if you quit Flight Club later the additional 20 spots are permanent. So, you don’t loose the spots if you leave Flight Club.