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Can't catch dino because of raids area

Bug Description: When I try to select the Compy gen 2 in the screenshot it always give me the megalosuchus raid interface even when the raid is away from my location

Area is was found in: Only for that Compy gen 2. I can select and catch all the other dinosaurs that spawn around

What type of device are you using: Samsung S20

Screenshot_20210603-084424_JW Alive

I get this every week but only with Megalosuchus. It doesn’t even need to be close to a creature and it defaults as though I tapped the boss.

i have the same problem with the mega too. worst rqid and always in the way.

I’m sorry to hear that your hunting experience was being blocked by the Megalosuchus Raid, Eeverose. The hitbox from the Raid bosses being too large is a known issue, and a solution is being worked on by our team.

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I don’t think it is the hitbox, because all the other dinos aren’t affected from that problem. I think is one spot on the map that is covered from the mega raid even when the raid is far from there.

Can we get toggle switch on raid bosses to temporarily remove them from the map. Also sanctuaries get in the way. How bout a switch to remove them from the map unless they are in use.

They should either reduce the hitbox or Remove The Megalosuchus Raid Entirely. It’s not very good Lol