Can't change action option again in Battle

This has happened to me several times, just a moment ago last time. I chose an attack option for Shevarith (Scorching rays), waited for a moment to see if she was still affected by a condition, and then decided to choose moving instead. The game didn’t allow me to change to the move option and seemed to stuck for a moment, leading to timeout.

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I’m sorry that happened, Zengartor. Does this issue occur every time or are there specific steps that trigger the issue?

I have had this happen to me before as well, it has been very rare for me though

Same here. It’s rare but happens sometimes.


It’s possible that connection interruptions caused the issue. However, our team would be more than happy to take a closer look at this.

If you haven’t already, please reach out to our support team here at with your support key.

Thank you!

I’ve had this happen with Saarvin as well. I did discover that choosing another attack option both worked and unlocked the move action.

It’s not connectivity related. It has happened to me on multiple occasions. Though fairly infrequently. Others in my guild have commented on the same issue on Discord.

I have succeeded with the same “work around” as @Mortimer. But usually I nearly run out of time before I realize that I’m stuck and start feverishly tapping on every button just to keep my turn alive.

Had that happen several times. But to be honest I am so bored of the imbalanced battles that I only do them when I have to due to a quest. That bug is no so uncommon as mentioned in the thread I would say it happens at least once every two or three battles.
And don’t get me started on the bloody stupid arena timer…

Happened again but got past the situation by using the chosen action. But in situation like that it’s so easy to get confused/‘paniced’, as you know there’s now much time and you don’t immediately figure out what’s happening.

Good to know about that trick Mortimer; I’ll send mail to support to help get this issue solved. Thanks Ned!

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