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Can't Chat on other characters

Hello! :heart: I’m new in this game, I play this game because it was fun. I tried one of characters and unmatched that after and I find some other guys but when I found other guy, he didn’t show up on my chat list, is their anyone know how to fix this bug? I love the game badly and I want to play it more! :heart: !

Here is the picture


Not everyone your swipe right on will match back with you, especially as several characters don’t yet have any content released. They’ll only show up on your chat list if it’s a match, so that’s not a bug if you didn’t get any “it’s a match!” message after swiping right on someone. If you did get the “it’s a match” message though and still no one shows up on your list and you didn’t unmatch with them then it is.

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Yes, content is still being updated! However you can still match with plenty of people now and fill up their chat list with some characters in the meantime while yoinwait to be able to match with others.