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Can't claim dna from request

after I requested monolophosaurus dna for epic sunday, I logged back on this morning and the request/collect button wasn’t there (I did not collect on sunday). this happened once before with a rare request, too. how do i fix this?

Hey r_a_w_r, could you please contact our support team at with your support key so our can take a look at your account?


One of my alliance mates seems to have had this problem also this morning when he tried to collect his epic request.

@Dyldorz. Could you ask them to reach out to our team as well?


I will let him know to do so.

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I reached out already for this exact problem. They basically just told me to restart my game and look higher on the list and I should find it. I told them I already did that and they said they have no timeline for the fix and offered no compensation for the DNA I didn’t get.

In typical Ludia fashion, they responded they have no fix planned and there will be no compensation for the DNA that was lost. Basically tough luck and get over it