Can't click Mammoth

Whyyyyyy??? :frowning:

Seriously though, this glitch has existed since Sanctuaries were first put in the game.

It’s absolutely daft that Ludia haven’t fixed it yet…

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I would be devastated if that happened to me :worried:

It happens all the time, but it’s usually a common, so I don’t really mind.
But when its a highly valuable and hard to find Epic (that’s bigger than the blasted Sanctuary!), it’s hard to take

I’ve noticed it’s hard to click the mammoth when I find it. The thing is huge but you tap, tap, tap, tap, tap and it’s hard to get it for darting. I know what your saying.


This is a problem with the Mammoth, not sanctuaries, based on my experience, and it’s been there since the start. Sometimes the game actually allows you to tap “through” the mammoth and dart something that’s hidden behind it.

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Another reason why map spawns should roam a bit, the way raid bosses do


that happen to me when i was in my cousins house i cant click a raptor and i use all side to do it and i got it
well the map looks like that but the supply drop and santuary are more closer

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when that happens, try to enter the sanctuary (not open, but also enter) then directly leave… it gives you a brief moment where you can click the dino, as the sanctuary will load a fraction slower… This allways helps me to still get the dino…

Good luck


This brings up two points. The mammoth is difficult to click on. You have to tap several times to hit a small spot right on the middle to get it to connect. 2nd there should be a toggle switch to hide sanctuarys that are not occupied from appearing on the map. I don’t ever use them so I don’t need them on the map. I add to sanctuarys already started by alliance mates.

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unfortunately many other bugs too… :frowning:

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Toggles! Please devs, add toggles! It would fix so many issues!

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The Mammoth’s clickable zone has been incorrect since its introduction - it is very restricted in height so basically “go for the feet” - works all the time but hard to do when moving and impossible when its stood in a sanctuary.

Thanks, everyone! I’ll forward the feedback to our team so they can take a look.

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