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Can't collect Seasonal Reward

When try to collect Season Reward of 500 Pryotractor DNA - Game either locks or pulls up info window.
Am clicking on Reward but can’t collect.
Thanks D

yeah, same situation here

My son and I can’t either

Where are you guys clicking? I was having issues too until I realized the battle button had been replaced by a collect button and thats what you need to press.

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I was clicking the collect button on the top left of the page. Didnt even notice the fight button was replaced with collect. Apparently they need multiple collect buttons

Case of couldn’t see the wood due to the trees !
Didn’t notice battle button changed.

Hey everyone, as Evicton had noted, please make sure you tap on the “Collect” button that is in place of the “Battle” button in the Battle menu to collect your reward. :smiley: