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Can't collect tournament prize incubator

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Bug Description: I am unable to collect the main tournament prize incubator, though I was able to collect the tournament prize for yesterdays tourney, the game is acting like I’ve already collected it

Area is was found in: Battle tab, tournament?

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- Go into battle arena tab and select tournament
Step 2 - watch as you can’t collect reward and the tournament points bar isn’t green and says collect
(add more if needed)

How often does it happen: first time this has happened to me

What type of device are you using: Galaxy A10e

Anything else? (add screenshots or additional information here)20210503_072739 Screenshot_20210503-072641_JW Alive
as u can see, deer is still locked away as uncollected, should have gotten 250, but nope


Was about to make a post but I’ll just add it in here. Says the championship ends in an hour and a half…

Nothing is impossible with Ludia :joy:

why are you suddenly delaying alliance championship reward collection? we used to be able to collect just as the tournament ended, but now we have to wait an extra 2 hours? cmon, at least give us an explanation!

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This actually a nice “feature” for those of us running an alliance. Gave me time to check and see everyone’s final scores before they disappear into the ether…

bruh why was my post just merged with this

I’m not really fussed about collecting it later but come on you gotta be joking how do you even manage to mess that up? It feels more like you’re messing everything up on purpose :joy:

Thanks for reporting this to us, everyone! Our team has been notified and they’re investigating. :mag:

Update: Hey everyone, sorry about the delay! Some changes were made, and the rewards will now be available at 12:00pm ET. If I get any more information, I’ll post an update here.


I didn’t get my tournament rewards either :confused:

Scratch that I see the update, thanks!