Can't complete attacks

So why is it when the tiles activate our dragons, we can’t even complete our turn and fire our dragons before the AI dragons attack? We have to wait our turn until your AI dragons are done with everything they are going to do, but we don’t get the same courtesy. When AI’s are triggered, they fire immediately, ending our turn and often killing our dragons prematurely.

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I think you can activate Dragon skill at the beginning of your turn. So in this Situation, you would have combined some tiles and that is the end of the turn. After that, the enemies are attacking (either special abilities or normal attack), sometimes they‘re attacking twice, that would be the equivalent to a combo. After that you can activate special skills at the beginning of your new turn and then match some tiles again.

I’m specifically talking about the alpha, and no, I’m not getting 2 sets of dragon firing. Especially since the alpha uses ½ the turns now, if we don’t get to fire the dragons after the tiles activate, we lose much of the power of our turn. The tiles are nothing compared to the power of shots from a 6500 power team.

Alpha is a whole different thing, it‘s bugged so combos and if the Alpha attacks are taking turns that should not be taken.