Can't connect atm

Hiho all.

Just wanna know if you guy’s can connect to the game at the moment. I can’t, Google ask me my ID, and when click on it I’m back at the loading screen, with the several choices (Facebook, Google etc).

Maybe it’s for some minutes.

Hi all, am I the only Android user with this issue?

I am stuck at 1/27. It was fine earlier this morning while I was getting my incubators for the day but I cannot log anymore now. My son does not have this issue on his iPad. I am using Google Play. @Help_Desk


no having same problem

Google services are down, so anything connected to Google’s login system is affected.
I’m logged in with Facebook, so it works for me.

It’s happening to me too.

Same here, and I’m on android too.

Scratch that. I just saw the news regarding Google’s issues. Nothing to do with JWA.

I have the same problem.

Same problem here on google play with 2 devices, but it’s fine on iOS

Same here no wonder no ones on our alliance discord

First thing’s first…
Happy Birthday @Tielenaar !! :partying_face:

Yeah, I agree that the issue is across Google services, so Google Play… Gmail… etc…
So, maybe, that’s why JWA, if accessed via Facebook and/or iOS, is ok?
Is Discord down across all platforms or well, have you been able to access Discord @megalodon_gamer825 and if so, how? Please do let us know :slight_smile:
Otherwise, perhaps, if we keep an eye out on Twitter, we may find out when Google services will resume… Such a big company, I’m sure this is now their highest priority :grin:
I’ll also be sure to post here, again, if/when I realise services are now up, too
UPDATE: Apparently, services are slowly resuming, across the world, as we speak c: