Can't connect to servers

For the past 2 days I’ve been unable to play game. I am met with a screen saying:

“We are having trouble connecting to our servers, please check your internet connection and try to log in again. 100”

My internet is fine, I’m able to use everything else just not JW Alive. Is this happening to you guys also? And do you guys know any fix for it if it’s an issue on my end?

Hey there, Mystik. If your game is linked with either your Google Play or Facebook account, please try reinstalling the game as that might help.

If you were playing on a guest account, please email our support team here at, and our team can try and provide you with further troubleshooting.


Is there a way I can know if I have a google or Facebook account linked? Will I have received an email on google in the past if my google account was linked to it?

I don’t believe there’s an email for linking your game. However, if you’re not sure, I would suggest emailing our support team as reinstalling on a guest account could cause the saved data to be lost.

The support team sent me an email saying I need my support key which I can get from the ingame settings menu, however I can not access my game, and therefore can’t access my support key. What am I supposed to do here?

Hey Mystik, if you had already received a response, could you create a follow-up with our team explaining the issue with your support key/connection issue? I believe our team should be able to provide some troubleshooting steps for you.

It was just the automated response, it’s not an actual person. However I will try to email back.