Can't connect to the GPS

I can’t connect to my GPS. It has permission to access my location but whenever I start up the game, it gives me the ‘disconnected from GPS’ message anyway.

Try this:

I have tried that but am still having the same issue.

Hey Michael_Lee, sorry to hear about the trouble you are having with the GPS. A lot of times, this is caused by a bad signal; can you make sure that you are in an area with a strong GPS signal? If you see that the signal is strong and you are still having an issue, I recommend turning your location option off and then on again to see if that helps.

Playing the game on a stable internet connection may also help with this, and I would recommend not switching between internet connections during gameplay as that can cause an issue with the loading of the game.

You can also contact our support team if the issue persists, by emailing, with your Support Key included in the email.

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Thanks! , this helped me alot. The Ludia team is so helpful

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