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Can't contact support

I wanted to report a hacker who attacked me in Arena, yet I find your support address ( gives error and can’t take my mail with the screenshot. Why can’t I contact support?

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I have had an email in with support for an entire week because my paid for subscription account level 50 has completely disappeared and they just don’t reply after the initial “thank you we are busy email”!!

I’m sorry you’re having issues reaching out to us through email,

Could you try using this link here and see if it works for you:

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Hey Toothless2519, I’ve sent you a private message.

Thank you! I will try that when im home from work to report the cheater

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My in-game support has been broken since last year — I couldn’t initiate a new conversation. So whenever I had to contact support, I have to send emails which adds extra work, etc. Can you help me with it?

Hey there, Eric_Hubdud. If you had already reached out to our support team through email, our team would be sure to try their best to assist you with your issue once they get a chance to review your email.

I contacted them indeed a while back. However, the solution provided then did nothing in fixing the issue. Do you suggest me to write in another ticket?

Hey there, Eric_Hubdud. I’m sorry to hear that our support team wasn’t able to provide a solution for you when you had previously reached out to them.

Sadly, I don’t have the details of your messages with our support team at the moment, but I would recommend creating a follow-up with our support team if you are still having issues.