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Can't control the dice roll to get the gear I want?

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Nobody can, it’s random.

That’s sort of the point?

What exactly do you mean by control the dice? If you are saying that you should be able to pick what number they land on, then it would be pointless to actually have dice at all. That’s what makes me wonder if you meant something else entirely

Why does the image have a D6 and a D12?

I’ve only ever seen D20s.

I didn’t even notice that. Is that in an early version or maybe a beta?

If so, it wouldn’t make sense, unless the good loot was randomly distributed. Or beating the first boss only gave you a D6, then D12, etc?

That’ll be the early version

That’s how it was until about two months ago. Much better set up in my opinion.

First boss gave you a d6, second boss gave you a d12, and third boss gave a d20. Sharp stone Keep was everyone’s free dungeon so you could get all three dice pretty early, and as time went on the dungeon would take you less and less time.