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Can't dart creature that spawns on sanctuary

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Bug Description: Creature spawns on top of sanctuary and can’t be darted.

Area is was found in: Map

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- try to tap on creature, sanctuary comes up instead
Step 2 - zoom all the way to the ground and try again, no luck.
(add more if needed) 3. rotate map and try again, no luck

How often does it happen: almost every time a creature spawns on top of a sanctuary

What type of device are you using: Moto G4 Plus on second account

Anything else? (add screenshots or additional information here)


Omg that is honestly the most frustrating and annoying thing ever

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Have had this issue also since playing the game. If a dinosaur is on a sanctuary or on top of a battle, you literally can not click on it no matter what way you angle it. Simple fix would be to just give the option of turning on or off the sanctuaries and battles nearby so that you can collect your dinosaur then turn them back on.

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Pretty sure I reported this sometime shortly after sanctuaries came out, still a problem

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Yup, mid-September. @Ned, is this on anyone’s radar??

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Not sure if it will work for everyone, but here was my work around.

  1. Orientate the map so the dino in question was in the exact center of the screen.
  2. Go to the dino dex and load any dino.
  3. Click the map button and rapidly click where the dino is supposed to be.

With my phone the dino loads a fraction of a second before the sanctuary.


It has been reported to our team, Somedinoguy. :slight_smile:


Thank you @W1ckety :slight_smile: I did something similar back in the days of dinos stuck in strike towers, so I’ll try your solution next time I have this problem.

And again, same problem.

This is my workaround and uses the same principle: the creature will spawn before the building.

If the Dino Dex does not work for users another thing to try:

Position the screen so you know where the creature will spawn. Sometimes you have to do this once and move to a slightly different location around the object or move your phone position.

Open the sanctuary then close out of it.
Tap where the dino will appear before it appears
It will spawn before the sanctuary does.


I was thinking there should be a button on the map screen to deactivate towers and sanctuaries from showing. You could toggle it on/off. Towers have caused problems too before.

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