Can't download

So. I am a huge fan of the JP/jw franchise, and so I have to download the games when they come out. But when I came to jw alive, I couldn’t download it. Apparently my device is “incompatible”. But when I went to look at the requirements for the download, it says that you need Android OS of 4.4 or higher. My android os is 7.1.1. That’s certainly high enough. I’m using a Nokia 2. Please tell me what the problem is.

Hey there, Ludiaplshelpme, I’m sorry to hear that you’re unable to download our game, but our support team would be glad to take a closer look at things for you! Please contact them at

Hi. Firstly sorry for my english. I tried to donwload JW Alive from PlayStore in my friends mobile phone and I couldn’t find it. Help us please. :frowning:

Hey Betlember, try typing in “Jurassic World Alive” in the search bar. Make sure that you’re in the Games or Home category of the store before searching and see if you’re able to find it. If you’re still not seeing it on your friend’s device, have your friend contact Google customer support or our support team at

I have a problem. When I tried downloading Jurassic World Alive, it says that I need more space and that I need to try again and if it doesnt work, I will check the common ways to fix the problem. Now, I have done all that, but still doesnt work. Even if I have like 1 gigabite it still doesnt work. So please let me download it or at least lessen the data like from 300+ to 175 mb so that i can download it. I would really appreciate it so much.