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Can't edit Alliance description

I have been trying to edit the description/details for my alliance, however it is not possible to edit the description. The text shows outside the box and cannot be changed.

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There are certain words you can’t use, like discord… that won’t allow you to save the edit.

Try a simple edit first, see if the words you’re using are the issue

Hey RockCollector1, could you try closing and relaunching your game and see if that fixes the issue?

Also, please make sure there isn’t a space at the end of your description.


Thanks DragonHunter and Ned. It appears there was a rogue space at the end of the description but as the text is off the screen (bug?) I couldn’t see this. Sorted now!


I’m glad that helped! I find this usually happens when you try to edit an old description message. If you try backspacing/erasing some parts of the message, it should fit back into the box.

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I have a smiliar case, but it is because our alliance name somehow has become unvalid by changed name rules. Changing our name is not on the agenda, as we are very established and have a good reputation. Any way to change the description anyway?

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:thinking: Hey thomasinho, could you take a screenshot of your Alliance with the Alliance name visible in the screenshot, and send it to our team at, so they can take a closer look? If you can include your support key as well, it’d be helpful. Thanks!