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Cant even log in now

I’ve also tried everything they suggested and have heard from them twice. The only thing I haven’t done is delete and re-install the app because I use Game Center on iPhone and don’t want to take the chance of losing all my progress. I’m now at a point that I hope they can copy my data on their side and set me up in a new acct.

My game was working but glitchy - darted a pyro which magically reappeared without counting what I’d just darted, unable to scroll through alliance chat, etc. Then I got the purple wheel of death and had to restart the game. Lo and behold, stuck at 16/24. I’m on the metro so not much I can do right this second, but considering the game was working and I was darting/spinning as normal I was a bit disappointed that it just…broke.

I tried all their advice too and no luck, I’m going to reinstall and hope for the best, but if not I guess I’ll have more free time on my hands.

Reinstall worked for me, Im signed in through google so all my progress was saved.

I’ve had to reinstall the game once before and it worked then, but not this time. Still stuck at 16/24.

Literally as I had finished an e-mail to support and went to take a screenshot, it worked again. -___-

Linaleigh, how are you logged in?

I just uninstalled and reinstalled, and after about 5 attempts it worked. It connected through Google Play but I think it’s also on fb as well.