Can't even use Mortem anymore

It just is getting devoured by everything now. sigh
Good job Ludia. What another spectacular fail.


I’ve found he’s best now as a fast revenge Dino. Take something out using roar and you’re set up for a decent hit on whatever comes in (unless it’s cunning :joy:)


It’s still strong against the tanks… but any cunning comes in and it’s over…


I face so many cunning in Library and Gyro. So it gets destroyed 🤦🏻‍♀


Yeah ludia have really messed up with Morty
I’m sure they don’t test it out :rofl: just think this sounds good let’s roll with it …


I REALLY think that this :arrow_up: is what occurs. Honestly though, it never actually sounded good, even on pen and paper.

No idea, WHAT the thought process behind it was.

Unless… someone in office was a Kong fan… :thinking:


I dont know… Their process for testing is beyond me


I’ve said this so many times and with every new patch Ludia continue to do yet more things that beggar belief.

The testing process is clearly not working, and I just don’t have the words to even try and understand this latest debacle with Mortem. Just as is always the case (with the exception of Testa of course) Ludia have completely ruined a creature with short sighted, illogical changes.

Illogical because it’s new basic move cleanses vulnerability which of course its 100% resistant to anyway. And the 60% rend when below 50% health does less damage than 2 of its moves anyway. Giving a 1x damage move a 50% buff for the next move is completely pointless on Mortem unless you get to finish a Dino and are luck enough to have an opponent daft enough to bring a tank in next. In this meta that simply isn’t gonna happen unless they have nothing else though is it?

Short sighted because it is clearly no real thought process if Ludia thought this would make a creature that was under performing any better with these changes. To make it even worse is just a joke and it will create even more work in the long term. Of course they will have to make it more viable if people are going to use it.

The fact is that Ludia have done a great job in ruining fierce class creatures in a dinosaur based game, and made its most effective battlers a deer, a rhino, tiny birds, a punk ostrich, etc…… which is pretty sad in my opinion.


Yeah they also mostly ruined its raid value outside of some neish situations


I do admit it sucks that it lost one of it’s best arena moves because now it has no way of dealing with negative effects that it isn’t resistant to (Distraction, Crit reduction etc) but I understand why… and it also sucks that there is nothing in the top arenas Mortem can take on 1V1 because anything Mortem can beat H2H boosted or not isn’t often seen (Tryko, Dio, Lania, etc, bet you don’t see at least one of these everyday…) and even then, Swap in is still kinda often seen and it does hurt Mortem hard, and not only that it’s best raid move got changed (I still cannot understand why Ludia changed roar :man_facepalming:) and making it a CD2 is just… well you know… there is really not much Mortem can do now that it lost it’s best raid move AND (kinda) it’s best arena move. What pisses me off the most is that there still isn’t a boost reset for us to take out our boosts in Mortem and then put it in on Thor (Which is currently the closest best replacement for Mortem in raids and arena) even though it’s not exactly Mortem Thor does Mortem’s job decently in raids, it’s just really heartbreaking and I hope Ludia will reconsider on making roar back to how it was and giving Mortem the cleansing impact back along with a HP buff and maybe a SPD buff :disappointed:


Where’s the communication we’ve been promised? Why won’t the devs at least send us a newsletter or something explaining their thought process?

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Yep NOW everyone is saying mortems change was a bad idea. I recall most people being happy about it, seems the tides have turned.


Well isn’t that supposed to be the point, its a FERICE, its not supposed to be able to counter cunning


Yea, i agree, i have no idea why this move was changed, ludia has actually just messed up ALL raid strats that use it and its so stupid! (in my opinion) and so that makes in pointless to use in raids now, making thordor more of want in them. I do think cleansing impact had to go so that move change was fine, but the roar one is terrible.


:joy::joy::joy: omg, I’m sitting in the car “dying” because of this line- especially the “punk ostrich” part.

Literally had flashbacks back to the early 90’s TMNT, Bebop and Rock Steady era


Spot on my friend. They really should bring on some freelance people who actually play the game and can explain the mechanics to them.



If I knew how to make an effective meme, I’d add the ostrich in a heartbeat. It would fit RIGHT in :joy::joy::joy:



A lot of game studios do quality control in some form and outsource various forms of the game for unbiased as possible feedback.

Ludia clearly doesn’t or if they do, the one person who is testing is named “Yes”.

@Ned please put in a word to reverse this decision. Jokes aside, this was dismal and makes no sense whatsoever.


This could be the cynic in me but maybe the playerbase have met Ludias required number of level 30 max boosted Mortys?
NO boost reshuffle means having to lose 50% of boosts to re adjust and make mortem more arena viable?


Mortem considering it’s apex takes a year of each week getting the DNA is now useless. Gone is cleanse gone is raid user.