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Can't expand land with coins anymore

I am at Level 55, since level 53, I can’t expand my lands by using coins anymore. The only option I am having right now is to use 200 dinobucks. Can anyone tell me if that’s correct, or should I contact support?

I have unlocked expansions twice after clearing level 53 and 54, but still option is to use Dinobucks only. Though that’s cheap, but I have stacked enough coins.

I can tell you why,if you expanded using Dino Bucks at level 52,then you have to wait for level 54 instead of Level 53 ,because you are out of expansions. Only expand when you can expand with coins,wait for a while before expanding more.

The more number of times you expand with Dino Bucks,the More the coin expansions delay. Say,you expanded with Dino Bucks 5 times during level 53,your next coins expansion will be around level 58.

Ohh, Got it! Thanks :+1:

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You’re Welcome.

Level up. The expansion things that pop up allows you to expand land for coins.

Not true, what @anon43877113 says is true if you have expanded with any DB you must first level past any of those expansions before it will allow you to expand with coins again. For each DB land expansion you forfeit a coin expansion. The only thing you can do is level up to where you have now exceeded the amount you have purchased with DB, then and only then will you be offered an expansion for coins.


That’s exactly what I said. The more dB expansion,the more you delay the coins expansions

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Not sure how people took it but I meant this:
Screenshot 2020-08-10 at 10.29.38 AM

I have fully excavated the main island and don’t many creatures so I’m good.

Soon every excavation of land will cost bucks so you need to get use to it.

not true, if you can wait for each park level expansion increase you can use just coins until you hit DB again. I have done this the last two park level expansions and it only costs coins, but one level expansion release I had to hold back and not expand any plots until my DB purchasing caught up with my park level, and then wait for the next release of levels.

I can currently excavate more plots if I want at 200 DB a pop but I dont need the space so they will sit until the next level expansion and I will resume excavating for coins.


I guess you can do that too.

200 DB isn’t all too bad.

You are correct its not much. I do not need the space, so it is an exercise in a little bit of discipline to leave those expansions untouched on a daily basis with my completion based mindset, until they are offered for coins.

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I’m just now approaching 20m coins/hr. I’m using all of the extra space for generating more coins with buildings


Coin banking JH statues for when I need more coins and I am running dry.

I’m curious what dinos are producing all of your coins? You’ve said before you max coins every 3 hours.

It may just be a mix of all of the Clock towers and way more dinos than the rest of us newer players?

It is from a combination of creatures and clock towers, eventually you will all get there as well if you play enough. I think @Tommi has even started to remove decorations as his coin production just from creatures exceeds his need for coins.

I have started putting creatures away to maximize Code 19 rewards since I do not need them for coin production. All of my commons, and I am starting to put away some of my rare creatures as well.


Exactly, I never started to place clock towers to maximize my coins production. Meanwhile I remove decorations when I get a new dino because I want to have them all on my main island.
I never watched exactly how my coin production is. All I know is that after a good night sleep, usually from 11pm to 5am, I get far more than 99mio coins first thing in the morning.
But I do not put away my dinos because I want to have a look at them from time to time.