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Can't Explore

I just started playing today, and played through the first few levels, and unlocked the Challenge for Sharptstone Keep. When I click on the Adventure button, I see the options for Explore and Challenge. The Challenge button is gently pulsing, and reacts as normal. But when I click the Explore button, nothing happens. I’m not sure what if there is some timer that I’m unaware of, or if the game is malfunctioning?

Sounds like a malfunction in

Hey there, @Porter_Williams, I’m really not sure why this is happening in your game but our support team would be glad to investigate this! Reach out to them at, including your support key in the email so that they can find you faster in their system.

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Hi @Porter_Williams, this happened to me too, I had it running on several devices,… I uninstalled it and kept it just for my main devise then it worked fine, are you using it on more than one device?

Ohhh, good call out, @Irishb! I think I did very briefly log into the app on my iPad last night just to see if stuff carried over on the iPad too. Thanks for the pointer!

I encountered this bug myself today, close the app and reopen worked for me.

Every time I go Exploring I just get my butt kicked because I can’t get enough exp to level up and I can’t get enough gold to level up my gear or characters!

I have the exact same issue.

Only using one device, have closed and reopened app. have rebooted phone.

no change, I can still select challenge but I cannot explore.

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same here, cannot choose to explore, party is around lv4

I have the same issue except i’ve never played on a different device. Tries restarting and reinstalling the app as well as restarting my phone and nothing works.

Old thread, necro-posting.