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Cant figure out a good team comp

I goofed on boosts, but I’ve unboosted hundreds of dollars in boosts on the past - I’m not willing to do that anymore. Gotta live with things boosted as they are. I keep getting steamrolled by max + tryko combo. Open to suggestions - I’m at my wits end.

Here are my boosted dinos:

The rest are not boosted

A lot depends on how many boosts you.have available obviously but for starters Erl took some rethinking but is back to being a powerhouse for me. I think this meta is defined by deceleration immunity, I would let stegod go and probably Thor as well. Tryo can be a monster plus raid synergy.

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Your team is actually pretty solid, I wouldn’t change anything, just try to get Dio boosted, but there’s not much else you need


I don’t think your team is that bad. I run all of your boosted dinos on my own team, actually. Magna and Thor can help counter Tryko and Maxima, but they are quite hard to beat. If anything, maybe work on adding a Tenontorex? What your team does lack are good revenge killers (besides Magna the way you have it boosted, but that’s one that you want taking on Maxima and Tryko directly, not cleaning up afterwards). Spyx and Erlidom lose to Tryko, as well as Maxima in a straight up fight. But you can use their high speed and damage output to finish off medium-health Maximas, even if they use IIT you can kill them on the next turn.

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It’s a very tight meta at the moment.
It really comes down to whoever has the most of the 4 meta dinos in their hand.
Everything else is just support.
Stay the course and try to volume battle as much as possible.
All the volume battlers in my alliance are moving up slowly but surely.
It’s a battlers meta by the looks of it.

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Your team is not bad at all, the only thing i’ll suggest is use Thyla If you’re willing to level It up

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Your team is awesome. I dont even have orion at fusing level but it really hurts to get 10 off from 22. I was like a week away from getting to level 18 too. I would try to replace thor tho.

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