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Can't find epic strike tower?

Driving from 5 hr’s and still can’t see epic strike tower. All I see is the normal one . I haven’t done any of these 2 so no blank ones also. Is it cancelled?

Right at the time the strike event started, I opened the game and saw an epic tower right below my home. However when I restarted the game, it disappeared. I also thought that it might be cancelled. When I looked at some further places in the map, I found one. I just regretted for not instantly battled the first time I saw it. I had to walk for quite a long way to battle.

Ok found one but after 90 kms of travel. Did see a couple in between but they were far of road and my bus travel started almost 2 hrs ago and finally found one in range and finished it. Also found the epic tower of yesterday 15 mins before reset

Whew you got lucky to find it with 15 minutes left. Bet that was fun heh.

It was like hell. Also the one I found today was the blue strike tower. Epic was 15 mins before reset