Can't find opponent for 5 hours

no real opponent or BOT found…@ arena 10

or should i level down to arena 8 to find someone to play?

Please don’t drop down arena. Else we little dino master (fishes) can’t survive :frowning:

there are only 45 guys in arena 10…i used to battle with bot while no one matched but this week even BOT is not available…

Thats weird and not good for sure

you are lucky, once i posted this article, i got matched with BOT…so I am guessing LUDIA blocked us(arena 10 players) from battling on purpose…

I’ve been getting a bot every 6 minutes for the last week. I’ve only fought one real person all of that time, but never have trouble getting bots. The wait time is getting annoying though. It should be shorter so I can do more than 6 battles per hour. I could catch up to more real players if I could battle more.

today i am only success to make one battle…other time waiting and waiting…

So Ludia ballsed up by over-estimating their player-base and creating higher tier ranks. Oh dear! Hope you didn’t spend a shed-load of money getting there.

I’ll do whatever I have to do to climb up the ranks. I’m just competitive and want to get as high as possible. It’s actually giving me time to work on my team and I’m always hitting the battle coins limit because it’s pretty much non-stop wins against bots. There’s just a big gap in trophies where I’m at right now, so I have to climb for a bit.


Why do you care how much money he’s spent. He enjoys the game and obviously has an extra buck to throw into a game that makes him happy. So do I, for that matter. Whereas you, my friend, are a cheapo, playing at his and my expense. And, on top of that, you’re sarcastic.

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If I understand correctly the whole last tournament for high ranks was about who can win more games against bots in the given timeframe.

Something should be definitely done about it. Maybe allow matchmaking within a certain amount of trophies AND within 10-20 ranks on the leaderboard? Not sure how to handle amount of trophies won/lost for matches with a large difference in trophies though.

What the Devs should do is let more players go up in medals.
As of now, even the 4.8k teams looks similar to those at 5.3k.
Let these teams go up faster. So that those in Ruins can climb up.

P/S: I bet my post is gonna get flagged; again… :rofl:

What exactly do you mean by “let”? The players are free to gain trophies if they can handle it.

I think lowering everyone for the tournaments has to do with the little amount of people up in the top arena. There is a blob of people pulling people down to claw their way up and they just go around and around.

Just let us fight anyone in our current arena. Who cares about the trophies. They are not always indicative of team strength anyways. It’s literally like 4+ minutes to find a game after like 5300 trophies. Ain’t nobody got time for dat

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RNG decides.
You forget?
Or just ignorant?

Is not about “handle” if your L28 Monomimus got hit all the time by a L18 Monomimus despite Evasive move. While the opponent dodges 6x in a row.

Same goes with Indorap. Yours never dodge; opponents dodges.

How do you explain “handle” here? Who decides the outcome actually? If the RNG decides that your team of L24 - L28 is just good for 5.1k. But someone else with a Dracorex L20 can make it to 5.5k… :rofl:

Not surprising though. The drop in population is evident. Lack of any updates, support, patches or fixes oughta do it. I will hit the road if a tournament is announced without any update

That’s gotta suck if the opponent’s L18 Monomimus dodges your L28 Monomimus’s SIX NULLIFYING MOVES IN A ROW.

Actually 5.9k at the moment. Nothing to do with RNG, you just gotta know how to utilize your team well :wink: Things like knowing that monomimus has 2 nullifying moves help A LOT.