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Cant find original game

I went to log in and it went into a new game.
How do i get to MY game?

I’m sorry to hear that happened, @Toothless4622. After you’ve completed the tutorial for the new game you are on, go into the in-game settings and tap the Facebook connect button. If your original account was connected to your Facebook, doing this should return your progress. If you were playing on a guest account, you would have to contact our support team here at, so our team can assist your further.

Not a girl to take no lightly, i finally found my way to a login and there was my game. Thank you. I didn’t realize that was a tutorial, i thought it had started a new game. But it’s all good now. Thanks.

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I’m glad to hear you’re back on your original game now! Don’t hesitate to let me know if you are having any other issues.

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Hi Ned,

I do have a question. Il never be able to gain Toothless until my dragons are strong enough to beat the 5,6k dragons, correct? Lol


Incorrect, as long as you can beat the 1st stage you can obtain toothless. The more stages you can beat, the faster (and cheaper if you decide to spend) it will be

Really ? Once i hit 6 it jumps to a team over 5000, my team is about 3. I tried, it was over quickly, lol



Doesnt matter, you can get toothless only doing stage 1. Its about collecting trust points not how far you go…obviously the farther you go, the easier/cheaper it is