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Can't Find Velociraptor


Lately I’ve had a terrible time finding Velociraptor. I’ve hunted at dusk and night for hours, yet I rarely come across any. Is anyone else having this issue? My Rex is level 15 and my Velo is level 14 with 200 DNA needed to level it up, so I’m agonizingly close to Indominus. If anyone knows specifically where/when Velo spawns I’d love to know.

Need a common dino

Velo certainly isn’t plentiful like it use to be in the night. A month+ ago when raptors ruled; the Velo was a common find after 9 pm in my subdivisions. Some nights you could get 40 of them. I went out a few nights ago and found 3 Velo, 1 Charlie, 1 Delta, 5 Utah. Not complaining - as Ludia changes the meta they change which dinos are spawning.

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There have been nights that I found ZERO raptors after driving all around town for 2 hours. It’s annoying because that’s the main reason I go out at night. If I don’t see them spawning somewhere near my apartment these days, I don’t even bother going out that night.


Yes. Rare Utah spawns more than velociraptor now…


The griiiind is real. Farming velociraptors for days can only click fuse once for indoraptor.:roll_eyes:
Really miss the old good days.


Yesterday I wanted to write the same post.

Ludia, look where you made me go only cause there were two velos.

That night rides are so “safe” now.


I know I commented on a similar thread with the same recently, but I don’t see velos at night anymore. They’re now daytime spawns for me, and they’re everywhere.


I have more issues than I did b4 seems to be after he hit lvl16


Who in their right mind would go there at night for a digital dinosaur. Seriously :joy::joy:


I would :stuck_out_tongue: (20 char)

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Me the Vélociraptor And Uhtaraptor I’m everywhere is very often


I feel your pain. Just got mine to lvl 15 yesterday and I have been playing since game launch.


Not as prevelant as they once were, by no stretch. But they are still around in enough numbers for one (rarely two) fuses on indorap per night in my area. Started at dusk tonight needing at max 3500 velo to finish indorap. Got a good fuse on indorex and dropped the need by 500. In two hours fell short of the goal by 239 velo dna. I average around 260 per attempt. Will run out for one more shortly I suppose.


I still see them around, but not as often. Been getting at least 2,000 veloci for the past few days, darting all that I see. When i’m determined to get that indo, I’m getting that indo :joy:


I hadn’t been able to go out dino-hunting -period- ALL WEEK until today for like…an hour, tops, to use about half my event attempts to salvage literally any DNA I could get my grubby fingers on and even then I laugh that Utahraptor is like the second or third most common spawn outside of the invasion of these Stegosaurus and Apatosaurus spawns for non-event spawns.

If I could get V-raptors, I’d be absolutely ecstatic.

But really? I’m hurting something WICKED for Gen 2 Ankylo and his Euco cousin. The necessity for hybrids is all too real.


Found 2 velo after 10km yesterday night, they definitely nerf the spawn rate.


I agree that they are definitely more sparse than they used to be, but literally just before reading this post I darted two that were within range from my home, which never happens. So they are around.

Have you checked the long grass?


See them in the day, which is great for me as I don’t play at night, so finally getting chance to build up done velo DNA for irex use


This is truly driving my crazy! I’m lucky to get 1 or 2 velociraptors IN 3 HOURS OF HUNTING!

Velos are so rare for me now that I’m catching T-Rex MORE than I’m able to catch Velopciraptor! I have now accumulated T-Rex DNA, but I can’t use it because I have no velopciraptor DNA. It’s supposed to be the other way around to where I have a bunch of velo DNA but don’t have any T-Rex DNA!!!


Need a common dino