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Can't Finish Daily Objectives for Card Pack

Been playing the game for 2 weeks now. Toothless is Level 41, Meade Hall Level 8. I do not have a Legendary dragon yet… I’m working on the collection for Green Death, but am behind because I didn’t understand some things until now. Anyway, I was doing all my dailies fine until 4 days ago (Sunday) when a daily showed up to “Send Legendary Dragon to Search”. Well, I have NO Legendary dragon to complete this task. I am not going to buy Green Death for $40 or $50 when it appears in the shop, and not going to pay 4,300 runes to finish the collection.

On Sunday, I finished 10/11 objectives (except the legendary search). I exited the game and went back in later and it skipped the objective and gave me my card pack for completing the other objectives.

However, Mon, Tue, and today, it has not skipped the objective and I have lost out on 3 days of Daily card packs because of it! Is this a coding error? Is this a “force you to buy something to get the objectives done” deceit from Ludia? What can I do as it will be a few more days before I finish the collection for Green Death. I’ve tried the Help chat in game and that is pretty much useless!

Hey there AJR214,
So the in-game Help chat is for players to report bugs and issues they are having in-game, and linking them with our support team to try and document and solve these issues. However, what you are describing is not a bug. We do understand that some are more difficult for some players to complete. Our team is always getting feedback from our players to see what your experiences are with the Gobber’s Duties so thank you for reaching out to us about this!

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Hi Rose. Thank you for responding, but it seems like just a cookie-cutter response and you didn’t read my actual issue…

This sure IS a bug… and it’s not about a daily being difficult to complete. My wife plays the game (higher level than me) as well and she needs 18M wood and 18M fish for 2 of her dailies. Her wood collection isn’t as great as her fish collection, so making the 18M wood is “difficult to complete” but at least it’s possible to do. For my game, it’s IMPOSSIBLE to complete a search with a Legendary dragon WITHOUT having a Legendary dragon. The coding of the game should see I don’t have one and should not add that daily to list until I do. I should not be penalized on doing my dailies for something I can’t actually accomplish until I have a Legendary dragon.

If you’re saying it’s not a bug, then you’re forcing people to buy runes or the dragon outright to continue in the game which is unethical. If everything is capable of being earned and not bought, the game should recognize that. I paid $10 to be in the Dragon Rider Club which I paid because I think the game is worth supporting. Card packs shouldn’t be held back because I didn’t know to go straight for Legendary components from day 1 and hopefully by Level 40 I would have it… and if I don’t I’m screwed out of card packs! Truly unacceptable.

Man, that sucks… But that’s how the game works,. That’s how it has worked since the very beginning. They’ve been giving the app for free and tried to make us feel the need to invest some cash in order to skip or speed up some obstacles in our way. Much before Gobbler had duties, the prizes for most of the things were absurd, nowadays Gobber’s duties turned into the main thing to do in game, since it’s the most interesting feature in really short term. You should not feel that the duties are the main aspect of the game, since it’s been here since so short time… But I bet that not being able to complete them because the game directly denies it by asking an impossible task…gotta feel so friking bad.
Once I suggested in this forum that adding an extra duty to the pool would make it more flexible and turn it into an achievable aspect… But if that would be the case, how would they push us, players, users, to spend money? In the end, they need to turn this profitable. Good job for the Rider thing : )

Hey there AJR214,
Our team is working on the weighting of the Duties at this time, trying to make sure this feature is more enjoyable while remaining slightly challenging for our players. What you mention is true however, if you do not have the Legendary Dragon you simply cannot complete this task. It is something we will be fixing as part of the continuing re-balancing of the Gobber’s Duties. I didn’t mean to give a seemingly cookie-cutter response to your issue, I assure you we read everything and understand the frustration with this duty. Thanks again for taking the time to write to us about this.

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Rose, maybe you can answer a question for me. Is the intent of the daily goals to prevent users from using toothless in journeys? I feel like I have to choose between sending toothless on journeys, or sending him to search for new dragons so that I can achieve the daily goal and complete Gobber’s duties. I’m hoping that is just an unanticipated side effect that can be eliminated.

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