Can't friendly battle


Is anyone having a problem with friendly battles? It doesn’t show me which friends are online and if I go to their names and click friendly battle it doesn’t work.


Hey Danelle919, thanks for reporting this to us. Our team is aware of a similar issue that is affecting some of our players, and they’re still looking into it. If you have any more information, reach out to our staff at with your support key to assist them in the investigation. For now, try rebooting your device or clearing the cache on the game and see if that helps. However, make sure that your game is linked to a Google Play store or Facebook account and you have your support key written down before clearing the cache.


I’m also having the same problem, please fix this because this was a big selling point of this game


@Ned I did clear the cache. It didnt help. I will send support my support key #


Same issue, cannot battle. My wife is sitting right next to me and we are both on and can’t battle.


@Danelle919 used to friendly battle me all the time … and then all of a sudden, it just stopped. No warning and no explanation. It felt like she didn’t want to be JWA friends any more. Naturally, I took it personally and couldn’t help be feel a little hurt. Now that the real issue has come to light, please put all your best people on this problem and come up with a speedy resolution so we can go back to the way things were.

Please and thank you.



This has just started to happen to me… What’s going on, you say send a email but it will take you over a week to reply…


What is ludia doing about this as its annoying that it still isn’t working, or is it at the bottom of the pile to get sorted???


@Kristen_Jackson_Roe mine still isnt working either and neither is my man’s. Hopefully they fix it soon or when the update comes it will fix it. I like to friendly battle and this is annoying that it’s been like this for a few days now.


Very annoying I’ve sent a email to ludia but probley won’t hear off them for over a week it’s strange it’s not effecting everyone though…


Yes, I’ve sent email also. Hopefully it gets fixed soon😔


@Heather and I also have this issue. Both of us have sent in the requested information.

I’m certain that Ludia is working on this :heart_eyes:

One night, I actually saw my friends list… or I was dreaming it. No list of online friends nor recent battles list.


Spotted couple of days ago now that online friends had disappeared- unable to friendly battle - such a disappointment was just getting good at beating friends lol :joy:


Mine is finally working again, and so is my man’s. What about u guys?


Yes just started working again for me :grin:


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I would be having this problem except… I dont have any friends :cry:


@Creative_Screen_name, I could see my friends, I just couldnt see the green dot beside their name if they were on and I couldnt request to battle. I would send support an email, that may be a whole different problem😔
Edit: I totally just read that wrong. What’s your name and number ? I’ll send u a friend request


@Heather, that sucks. Maybe when they do the update it will fix itself :pensive:


Ha… Youre awesome but I was kidding… I mean kind of. I mean I don’t have any friends but… I wasnt actually bemoaning the fact.