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Can't Get a Nasutoceratops! Please help

On the mission ‘Tinder’ and it’s asking me to have a Nasutoceratops at level 15 or higher. I have no idea how to get such a creature. It can only be unlocked via a special event according to the creature market. I’ve levelled up a couple of times since (now level 28) hoping it would unlock somehow.

Totally stuck.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!


Sounds like you have no choice to wait for the event and forget about the story line for the time being. I cant remember whether this was a level battle unlock or an actual event tbh. Being stuck on storyline won’t affect your game progress. It is just something extra to do with some handy rewards along the way.


99 percent certain it was a level battle

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I totally agree with @Badgerzzz. At lvl 28 you are only at the beginning of this game. The opportunity to unlock a Nasutoceratops will surely come. With some luck you will get one with a card pack.

Completing missions is nice but they are by far not the most important aspect of this game.


Relief may be on the way


Thanks for all the input. I guess I’ll just sit tight and keep plodding on.


I moved this thread to the help and support section so that @Keith and @ned can flag it in the group of missions that needs to be updated due to battle stage unlocks being shifted around. Thank you @Andy_wan_kenobi for linking the other thread.


I have the same problem, i am lvl 29 and don’t know how to get the Nasutoceratops.

You guys are going to have to wait. There are a few ways that you guys could get nasutoceratops. Wait for the event to release or by getting it in a card pack from an event or the daily card packs. They used to be a part of the battle stages but they were recently changed to event exclusive along with many other creatures.