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Can't get a shot off in Arena

Every time the tiles finally activate my dragons, the other team gets the shot instead of my dragons, and takes my turn, so I never get a shot, and effectively lose every battle.

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Hey dbigner, if your opponent’s dragon had their spirit meter filled up from receiving damage that turn, it is possible for them to activate their special abilities first.

But it’s happening for several members of my clan, for every Thawfest battle, not just me. We’ve been discussing it in our chats, and I’m losing clan members because they’re so angry. We NEVER get a shot. I understand the spirit issue, and expect to lose a few shots, but EVERY SHOT, EVERY TIME? We’re dying with the first 3 dragon AI’s despite having 1000+ power stronger team. Something is wrong. The AI’s got some glitch that allows them to STEAL spirit from our dragons.


Hey dbigner, some dragons have the ability to lower the spirit of your dragons or even for the entire team, which might explain why it’s hard to activate your dragon’s special abilities at times.

However, if you still have concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our support team here at with your support key and more details, and our team could take a closer look.