Cant get in mall


I am having trouble with getting my guy to be In the mall. The GPS does not seem to register me being in any building and it is getting annoying. Any way to solve this?


does any place in this mall have wifi?


Yea I’m using one right now


sometimes going in and out of airplane mode will force a sync with satellites, i’d give that a shot.


Ok let me try that airplane mode


No it is not working. Like this is happening for all buildings I go into beside my house


things i typically try for these types of issues:

  • get on a wifi network
  • get off a wifi network
  • toggle airplane mode
  • kill the jwa app, restart it
  • reboot the phone
  • shop in buildings not made of lead

your mileage may vary.


Yea restarting my phone works! But it is stupid I have to do that everytime I enter a building