Cant get into my game

I cannot get into my game so I am going to uninstall and then reinstall the game however I dont want to lose my progress at the same time. Not to be an idiot but is there a way i can uninstall and then reinstall without losing my progress n stuff, if so could anyone tell me how pls

Doesn’t it save into facebook? Better check that though.

Yeah I’m not too sure about that either

Even if it did it doesnt give me the option of visitor of face book anymore it doesn’t get that far


Before you get your error message you should see your support key on the start screen.
Notice it!!!

After reinstalling all your progress is lost but you can contact Ludia support and ask them to transfer the data of your old support key to the support key that you received with your new installation.

Ok great thanks. Is there anyone specific to contact or just any of the support team members

Best way is to use the support function inside the game, located in the option menu. You can use it if your new installation works.
Alternative you can try

I have just managed to get into the game by turning off my iPad and on again but I did this last night and it didn’t work very strange

Yeah I’ve tried that aswell but same for me it didn’t work and I have yet to get in to my game

I have to keep shutting my iPad down and it works

I will keep trying that but I am using an android phone if that makes any difference.