Cant get my old account


I’ve submitted a ticket before in June, beginning of the month after getting a VIP membership and being an avid player to only get 0 questions answered and told what I already know. Hopefully someone here can help.

I got booted off my old account on google play. This isn’t the bad part, just nuisance. But when trying to select the google play account on the main screen, my phone read that I wanted to log in via facebook.
See, my phone can’t really read my fingers through scar tissue. I rely on a stylus to type and select things properly. But the jurassic world app doesnt like my stylus. It refuses to read it and respond, including on the account selection screen.

And now I can’t back out to the account selection screen! I am stuck at square 1 after hours and weeks of playing avidly (and with a game that doesn’t read your selections, getting anywhere is a victory no matter how small).
That’s all I want yo know! How do I go back to select my google play account and not facebook? How? Where do I click? I use a samsung galaxy note 8 to play this. Can someone, anyone, help? Ludia’s team is only telling me exactly what I told them is the problem and have not given solutions!


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