Cant get on the game?

No one in my alliance in Europe can get into the game whats going on???

Hey punkrockstar1, are you receiving any error messages?

I also have this problem I can’t log into my account. but in a guest account log in normally

Hey Msw2211, depending on which account your game is linked to, could you please try logging out and in of your Facebook/Google Play on your device? You might have to log out of your Facebook account from your browser app as well.

If you are still having issues after doing that, please contact our support team here at


Same here…with guest account is working…when try to log in via Facebook or Gmail, get the error with server issues…

Facing the same issue since last hour… I can login with guest / facebook id… new game id created… but. my main id which is linked with google play… its not getting loaded…

last week also on a thursday gave this error, and i was only able to log in on sunday

My game is linked to both, Facebook and Gmail…when I play the tutorial as guest and then try to reconnect, I get the error again…also have emailed the support…hope they will fix it soon

This isn’t individuals… this is worldwide, thousands of people can’t access the game, what are you actually doing about it?

Hey there, punkrockstar1. I’ve informed our team about the issue. At the moment, we would like to ask players who are having trouble connecting to the game to contact our support team.

Hello, early today i logged in with no problems, did a couple of battles to complete the Daily Tasks, two hours later I tried to log in again but i couldn’t, uninstalled and installed again the app but still can’t log, can’t even see my code, i only have my ingame username and the four digits, can someone help me, please?

Also the message is in spanish since im from Mexico, i will leave the translated message:
“We are having trouble connecting to our servers. Check your internet connection and try signing in again.”

I contacted 2 hours ago the support team via email, but my case will be investigated by another team, hope they solve this problem, I thought I was the only one having problem to log

hv u informed about me tooo??? thanks…also can u pass me email id of support team/

Is anybody knows, how fast support team gives an answer? Ive send a request to them with this issue, but during 10 hours still didn’t get any feedback(

two days minimum

I cant login because of ‘‘poor connection’’ when i have completely fine wifi

Anyone got this issue resolved? I tried to email ludia forum support just got automated message reply and nothing else… Still can’t login on both android and apple device

still no msg from. ludia … but it got solved within twenty four hours