Can't get on the game

This appears to be a Facebook issue, not a game issue.
But my account is connected to a Facebook, so i haven’t been able to play today. Hopefully it doesn’t last all day. But I can’t even open the app.

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Same here too…
But when i log in as guest. It gets through but level 1…

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I can’t load game on my phone (Galaxy S7 edge), but I can on my tablet (Xperia Z2). And I don’t have facebook on tablet.

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Facebook is down, so if your login is via Facebook…no dinos. :frowning:

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I have always been connected by google play. Today during the game facebook turned on himself and demanded a connection with the account. I accepted it and after that game got stuck, so I turned it off and I could not log in. Now I managed to log on the phone and I noticed that it connected my account with facebook, and not with google play as on the tablet.

But u can play on same level in your tablet as well???

Yes same lvl

Do you log into the game via Google Play then? (Meaning, you don’t have to have FB installed to have used it to log in to your game)

Mine’s back up!

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Im an iOS user…

@MikkoAmour it works now on FB???

I assumed you could login with the app store or with fb just like android. Maybe?

Read my message above. Forum automatically blocked my first message (I do not know why), so I decided to send it again and then this blocked message was inserted, so there were two. I decided to edit the second one as an answer to your question.