Cant get out of arena 11

I play on a regular basis(every day) I have been in arena 11 The Lockwood Library for at least a year. I can move down to arena 10 but not up past arena 11. Also due to my trophy count and higher level creatures I lose way more battles than I win. Seems as though I’m getting matched up with players much higher than me 90% of the time. To be honest losing that many battles regularly and being mocked for it(emotes) takes the fun out of the game!

What is your team?

Especially the mocking is getting out of hand. Keep hearing that from my members as well. Emotes need to go for PvP. For raids they can stay


Step 1: turn off emotes…

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I prefer step 1: behave :woman_shrugging:t3:

Ideally, yes, but things you can and can’t control, etc.

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