Can't get past level 6?


I can’t get to level 7 for some reason. My XP wheel that fills up as I tag dinos or win battles (top left of screen) is frozen a hair’s breadth from 7, and won’t progress. What’s up with that? I don’t progress until I pay for VIP?


My xp seems frozen at 30600 of 30800.


From what i see, you only get xp by leveling up your dinos


Well, I have 2 incubs timing down, so we shall see if that’s the case. If it is, then the devs need to consider giving xp for arena battles as well. Just levelling up dinos to get xp is starting to be a real grind.


Yeah, you only ever earn XP for creating new dinosaurs or level ups.


Patience is a virtue, but yes @Anaheimpanda is correct I believe. I don’t know how many times I find myself wanting to click my VR to level her up but the COINS! Too many coins for my cheap ass. Paid for VIP off the bat and it’s been worth it so far but being patient with leveling up each dino from the DNA you collect while out and about combined with waiting for IBtors to clear. Keep on grinding.


here you can see, how much experience you get…


That’s a really useful table, but what happens after lvl 16?


Thats all Ive got so far... Ill tell you later! :wink:


It’s easy to know what happen at any given level. Just take how much DNA it requires to level up. After you have a multiplier for each rarity tier :

  • x1 for common
  • x3 for rare
  • x10 for epic
  • x30 for legendary
  • x100 for unique

For example, if you level your indominus from level 19 to 20 it costs you 250 indominus DNA.Doing that will net you 25030 = 7500 XP
You get about the same amount of XP for a given level regardless of rarity because it costs the same price : level up a velociraptor from 19 to 20 requires 7500 DNA that will net you 1
7500 = 7500 XP !

Hope that helps !