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CAN'T Hardly Wait For The Master Pack!πŸ‘ Adventure Pack Reward 5p

Screenshot_20191020-181750 Screenshot_20191020-181815 Screenshot_20191020-181908

It Looks As If It Might Take A Minute To Get There​:joy::poop:
As This One Surely Was!!! :smiling_imp::muscle::joy::calendar:

24 more epic bottles for Rogue coming up :wink:

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That just happens to be the same pack I am working on

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Wonder If It Will Be The Same @Mkb617?

Here’s Hubby’s Adventure Pact.

Wondering Why He Doesn’t Have The Master Pact, Next In Line?

I also have that little 50 scroll one next after the adventurer

Pretty sure it’s just random

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Wonder Why His Next Pact Isn’t The Master Pact, As He Has Pretty Much Cought Up To Me Now? Or Do You Just Think The Pacts Are Random Picks Too?

I’ve always thought they were random but thinking further about it I suppose it makes sense/is probably fairer if you get Eg the master pack at level 10 or thereabouts.

I’ve started doing something that you got me onto - always used to level my characters straight away, now I’m just levelling gear until I can level a whole lot at once to next renown level. A good thing about is at least a few will be more than half way to the next level by the time I level them up :slight_smile:


Only one I’m going to level straight away when I can is wizard to 13 - so I can plunder the locked rooms in jellypuss and dragon.

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