Cant hold back my tears

Look at this …
Im at work and cant leave the place.
When suddenly this happens :sob:


I feel you man. Seldom do I see Ankylosaurus in the wild. I’d be tempted to excuse myself to the “restroom” and just run and get it real quick. :confused:


Well get back to work then.


I’d gladly give you some of my incubators, all I seem to get from them are Anky and Stygi dna. XD

200+ of that is from the last week.

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I feel your pain mate, about 30mins ago I was on the bus home when an Epic MONO appeared JUST out of range…and I couldn’t get off the bus because I had bags of shopping and ice-cream that would melt, and its 1h between my buses today as its Sunday here :sob:

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Did you already cancel your vip? (I read somewhere you were mulling it over.) if so, maybe that was your punishment? :wink:


Nah im going to wait until the patch drops and if the major problems aren’t fixed im going to do it.

Im also going to video record me cancelling my VIP and post it in the thread I created about Ludia money gouging the player base! That way they can see im serious!

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