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Can't hold dino in darting screen during screen off after 1.6

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Bug Description:
Before 1.6, I can hold a dino in dart screen when the screen turn off or a phone call.
After switch back to the game and its loading complete while in the dart screen, I can start darting the dino. This results in another bug. if I was darting a dino and someone called me, I will not receive DNA of the previously darting session. In additional, if she is an event dino, I will lose an attempt as well.

Area is was found in:

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- Find a dino and go to darting screen
Step 2 - Turn off display or receive a phone call (basically any action that switch the game to backgound)
Step 3 - Get back to the game and wait for it to load while in darting screen
Step 4 - When the game completed loading, you will be brought to map instead of stay in darting screen. In case you started darting the dino before switching, you will lose an attempt and receive no DNA.
(add more if needed)

How often does it happen:

What type of device are you using:
Asus ROG Phone running Android 8.1

Anything else? (add screenshots or additional information here)


If I click on a Dino and my screen goes dark. When I reopen it the screen will lag out and take me out of the catch screen.

Yeah, that is pretty much what I tried to explain. Before 1.6, it is possible to keep the dino when screen off to dart them later on a safe location.


Yes, we need this back.


It’s bad when your battery is low. Probably affects those in cars most. It’s not a good thing and can only lead to more risky behaviours

Hmm, I wonder who keep playing while their battery is about to die. That is the ideal case to keep a rare dino while turning off the screen before they can recharge their phone. In most case they should have power bank to extend their play time.

Why it’s not good to keep a golden chicken or ankylo before you pick up a phone call and get back to dart her later? I also don’t think turning off the screen for a while will cause any risky behavior.

Yes! 1000 times this! Used to be able to snag something in the middle of an intersection and then be able to get to a safe place to dart it without having to keep the screen on.

Agreed. I dont like this stealth nerf either.

NEW in 1.7: “Snare” a dino indefinitely until you are able to dart him!
Only 100 cash each! :money_mouth_face:

pretty simple. If you are driving and can’t let your screen go into rest mode and you also don’t want to loose the Dino you could hold your finger on the screen or pull over somewhere that maybe isn’t safe to dart right away. These are more risky behaviours that would not be employed had this new change occurred.