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Cant install new update

Anyone else got problems installing the new update? It just says “Installation failed”

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No 10 character

Hello Slypher. Are you still encountering issues? If so, please message our team directly at so they can look into it!

You use iOS or Android?

I still got the same problem. Im using Android. I have contacted your support team.

Hi i have this same problem but on Android, I’m contact with support, but they only told my to check update of android, or clean cache, or uninstall and reinstall game again. I’m still don’t have any other answers. I try do everything for this suggest and also all sugest of google store. Nothing works.
When I’m try to uninstall game i can’t install again from google store. It’s really annoying.

Exactly. Im in contact with their support team, and they told me to clear up more storage than required. Since that didnt work, they wanted to know which phone i use. Which android version. How much storage i got and a screenshot of the error message i get when trying to install/update the game.

Well i told him every thing, and send screen capture for this error, and they don’t respond from 10h.
This is screen for this

Yes, that is the one i get too.

@Davy do you have any ideas?

+1. I have tried all troubleshooting cases. But not(

Same Problem here… Unable to install the Patch…

Well well, thanks for remove, what you say to people, it’s really funny

And support remove all email form you nice

A tip : restart ur phone then clear some storage atleast 1.5 GB then try again

I have restarted my phone several times and i have 87GB of storage…