Can't invite

Just a question. Is anyone else having trouble sending/receiving raid invites? I really wanted to take down morty today but can’t invite or get invited by my allience members.


Same here, nothing is working atp

Same also here , sending invites but no use my teammates not receiving notifications !

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Hey DPG members, are you receiving an error when trying to invite your friends to raids? Also, please try fully closing the game, and then relaunching.

we tried to reboot like three times but it’s not working, my alliance members have the same bug


Hey JDino, if you haven’t already, could I ask you to please reach out to our support team at so our team can take a look at this? If you’re able to ask your alliance members who are having this issue as well to contact our team, it’d really help us out.

Thank you!

Hello Ned, thanks for your attention. I had the issue even after restarting and I experienced another issue since yesterday about raids.

Apex creatures banish from my map. Hadros didn’t show at all no where for me and Mortem did appesr but banished to.
Just reporting additional info.

All my team try to send invitation raid and nobody receive the invitations

What happen ?

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Same thing here

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Same, we are having many problems with raid invitations. Sometimes restarting the app will fix it, sometimes not.

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Same problem hits our alliance, its possible to create lobby and send invates, but other players don’t recieve them.

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Still the problem not solved , where are ludia people ? Can somebody fix this


Hi. My alliance members and I are also having the same problem. It’s been about an hour since we have had a successful invite go through. Please help. We would hate for some members to miss out on Rex DNA.

Thank you

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Same here again and again … we all close the application many times and same problem…

Someone will fix that or not ?

We lost all raid day :frowning:

My alliance has this problem, too. We have all restarted the game multiple times. Sometimes my friends list doesn’t load at all, sometimes everyone shows up as guest. Most of the time I can send invites but friends just do not get them. The same happens when other people in the allliance try to invite.

My allience members and I were finally able to join a lobby but it was far from smooth. Looking forward to some bug fixes.

here the same. Inquiries are not sent, after a restart they appear but when you accept it almost always comes up with “Lobby Full Bug” even though only one person is inside. hope that will be fixed by tomorrow because then the new apexraid will come

It’s not the only problem, dna requests continue to show even after collecting them , games been restarted many times, to no avail & the problem seems widespread as other alliance members have reported same issue.

Half of our alliance cannot receive invites, half can! Also getting the DNA donations not showing and unable to collect.

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We tried for several hours to send an invitation to several mortem rexs but failed and our whole evening went on. The game is buggy, I got really nervous. I woukd had like to fight and win against the mortem, but we didn’t even have the opportunity to do so, only our time was gone.