Can't invite

Yep same as that, players donate, doesn’t show, then it says it’s complete cannot donate anymore, the raid invites are frustrating because if a boss isn’t in your area a player can’t send or transfer a raid, or just invite for a battle,

Oh yes. Most people apparently aren’t even getting my invites.

I can not get into any lobby at all and when I can it freezes or refreezes after two people get in. Even normal Raids already coded in are freezing and not coming in as invites.

Why can’t we get a patch already?!

Why have we gone this long without a Patch?

I’m having problems with invites too. Even after inviting many people almost no one is accepting, and one friend even told me that he didn’t recieve the invite, It only worked after restarting. So i have reason to believe most people are not even getting the invites

Because Ludia.

I have done this several times. It does not work because something still freezes or ends up going bad. Also can we just get a 2.2 Patch finally?

yep not working for us either. lots and lots of reloading and after 20 minutes maybe we can all get in

Wonder if it’s because there are far too many raid bosses in one day and the game is struggling to cope. Please please please spread them out over the weekend.

When you think the problem will be fix ?? We cant raids and all team lost dna rewards because we lost a lot of defense battles !!

Can someone can reply and give informations !!!??

Now I know why I haven’t received an invite all day! When I invited no one responded.

Same problem with my alliance. I was gonna get morty today but it seems it won’t happen. Ludia you should do something about that


it is basically the same problem with all raids today, smilonemys, ceramagnus, & the megalosuchus raid bosses all are suffering the same fate … because no one can get any accepts whenever we send out invites for raids… this is despite switching off phone over a dozen times & also rebooting game nearly 2 dozen times so far … nothing works no matter what we try .?.

Hey JoeVolcano27, I’m not really sure why that is happening, but I’ve brought it to our team’s attention.

In the meantime, could you please email our support team at with your support key? It’d help our team gather info for their investigation.


Thanks NED for your fast reply to my inquiries :smiley:

Same problem here. Nothing is helping. Same problem also have some other members.

When trying to invite alliance members to mortem or pyrritator raids either invitations are not sent or says lobby if full. I have restarted the game and my phone and the issue has resisted

I sent a email and i hope I’m not receive an answer in one week … thanks in advance if you can help

My Alliance is having the same problems today by the look of things.

Just a +1 to this being a pervasive problem. Everyone I talk to is having the problem that they won’t see an invite unless they restart their app

My Alliance spent most of the evening struggling to run everyone through Mortem despite this issue… if it’s still present tomorrow, when the new Ceramagnus boss launches, it’s going to be a bit of a… problem, I suspect.