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Can't join guild

I have always the same message: network error

Hey Asareth, could you try closing and relaunching your app and see if you’re still receiving the same message?

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I’ve restarted 10-20 times. The guild is italian warrior with 27/50 population

It’s happening to all of us. And they still haven’t fixed the darn notifications icon

Does this happen if you try to join a different Guild as well?

Yes it’s every guild. And then it just stops looking up guilds and doesn’t load

Thanks for letting us know! Fifa316. Could you send your support key over to our team at so they can take a closer look at this?

Done thanks again

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I was able to get into a guild on the second try. It seems to be working fine and we are all chatting

I’ve been trying a few times to get into a guild. I was able to send one request, and since then the game keeps timing out with the server. I checked my other games, all good. I’ve has to close and open a few times. If the game servers were lacking before, now they’re in trouble. It is a game server issue. I think too much traffic is going on.