Can't join raids

It’s been so long and you haven’t even fixed this connection problem between me and my raid invite. Can you please fix this?

The connection failure still interferes with my raid invitation. Ludia please fix this problem

Are you listening Ludia?? Why are you unable to fix bugs you create? I’m missing out on loads of raids because of the stupid play store bug you created.

What I find worrying is that after 6 weeks, you still can’t figure it out!! Why is this??


Im having the same problem and I agree with you there.

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Bumping this post. It’s been over a month and a half… still affecting loads of players. And many are getting fed up… at least give us an update on this issue :triumph:

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Every raid invite since the 2.9 patch results in FAILURE when accepting and has to be resent. This is a huge inconveiniance for a very large number of players. How is this not top priority?

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I wish I knew the answer to that @Averysmalldino

Bumping this post too. As this needs to be resolved!
Damn this bug gets pretty annoying. When I am outside my communication channels do not work so I cannot tell my clanmates to invite me again …
I send support ticket…I wonder if they ever reply, they didn’t when I said report tiket regarding the login issue from 2.9…


Several players with the same problem, because of that I’m losing several invasions. But apparently LUDIA doesn’t care.

I have found a fix that worked for me on android (Samsung Galaxy s10+). I believe the error may occurs because the game will not recognize you are already logged in to Google Play and attempts to log you in again. What worked for me was to change my Google Play status through uninstalling and logging out of Google Play and installing again.

I changed my Google Play status by first cancelling my VIP subscription and had to wait until the subscription period ended. Once it ended I uninstalled the game and logged out of Google Play. Next I restarted my phone and logged back in to Google Play. I downloaded the game again and now I am getting in raids on the first attempt. I have not tried to activate VIP again so I am not sure if that will start the problem again or not. I have heard others in my alliance say this does not work on iOS and also does not work if you just uninstall and install again. I hope this helps.