Can't link game to facebook on new device

My older phone got smashed and I had to replace it, so I re-downloaded the game on my new phone and tried to link to facebook, but it keeps telling me I can’t because facebook is already linked to another game. I don’t know how I can correct this, as I don’t have my original game’s support key, but I’m still using the same phone number, email, AND facebook accounts. I was assuming linking to facebook would prevent the loss of my game save. Is there any way I can fix this or is my save lost? I will be very disappointed if this cannot be recovered. I have not had issues like this with linking to google play, but this game isn’t giving me an option to link to my google account.

Hey RBCR, if you tap “visitor” on the main menu, are you able to access your old game account?

If you’re still having issues, please reach out to our support team here at so our team can try to assist you further with this.

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The visitor option has allowed me to link back to the right account, thank you. However I seem to have lost every dinosaur I had won but not hatched. It was well over 100 dinos from commons to hybrids. Any idea why they’ve vanished? Does the game clear them out if I haven’t been on it a while?

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Could the dinos be in your Asset Repository? Our support team would be able to take a closer look at this, however.