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Can't load game using Google play

My game says it can’t connect to the server when I try to connect with Google. But I can go through the tutorial just fine. That didn’t make sense.

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Hi there Boilervol2011. If fully closing and restarting both the game and Google Play and trying to connect again doesn’t help, please email our team at for further assistance.

Thank you!

Hey Boiler,

Hopefully the support team got this sorted for you but if not, I have had to do the following in the past.
Got to google play store, the go to manage apps, go down and tick JWA, pull down to refresh and update manually from there.

Other option was to remove the app completely and then re download the app and install. As long as you are a registered user etc all data will be retained.

Good luck

Hey Slevjawn I didn’t know about the updating no the process you outlined but I have uninstalled and reinstalled at this point 4 times. Thought the problem was Google play services so I did the same for that to. I haven’t emailed support yet so we will see.

eeek, not good. guessing you have also tried on and off wifi in case it’s an ISP or DNS issue?

Fingers crossed you get it sorted soon. Although judging by the forums you are not missing out on much :slight_smile:

I have a process that worked for me with this issue. I removed access for the Jurassic World Alive app from my google account permissions ( I am not sure how IOS work on this) Then I reinstalled the app. After the reinstall I relinked the game to my google play and I was in.

Navigate to your Google permissions (Sign in - Google Accounts) and login using the same Google account that you use to login to the game.
Delete the access for Jurassic World Alive.

I know I said it on another thread but thanks man. That worked amazingly.