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Can't load my game, new bug?

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Bug Description: I click to open the game, then after a few seconds the screen becomes darker and freezes.

Area is was found in:

How do you reproduce the bug:
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How often does it happen:

What type of device are you using:

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Same exact here. On an android Pixel 3XL

Same here. Google Play it seems. I tried logging in to the game using “Guest” was just fine…:thinking:

Me too. Must be a Google thing.

After seeing your comments, it seems to be either an android or google issue

well it happens to me to but what i do is press the back button on my phone. then it will ask me to choose my login method (guest, facebook, google play) and i do it and it works!

It doesn’t work on my android on data. But it does when on wifi at home.

Hey DPG members, please make sure that you have enough space on your device’s internal data storage to run the App. To those who can’t connect despite being on WiFi, our FAQ here provides steps that may help. If that doesn’t help, don’t hesitate to send an email to support at with your device information included in the message. Thank you!

Since the latest update If I am on wifi I can log in, but as soon as it is out of range I cannot get into the game. The option of logging in as guest does not appear. This was not a problem before.

I use an android fairphone 3.